iPhone 4 Ostrich Foot Edition Gold!

Yeah! Welcome to another edition of “Let’s Throw Money Away on Something That’s Gonna Be Obsolete In 1 Year!

That’s right. I’m talking about buying a 24k gold-plated iPhone for 19 grand and storing it in a real Ostrich Foot carrying case!

Man, did the word “Bargain!” flash in your brain? It did for me, because nothing screams bargain like “get a free Ostrich Case” when you spend 19,000 dollars on an iPhone.

hughes ostrich leather is smoother than Radiation Juan after a fifth of whiskey!
Softer Than An Ostrich's Butt

Anyway, just look at the thing! Pretty fucking audacious, but not as bad as the Diamond Encrusted iPhone.At least the damn thing is unlocked.

gold iPhone 4G
There's Gold In Them Thar iPhone!

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