Inglourious Basterds Was Overrated

These are some exciting times here at BFO.  I was going to post something from our new contributor, Radiation Juan, but his latest post needs some editing and censoring (that sick freak). In the meantime, I’ll tell you about Inglourious Basterds, which I saw last night with some friends.

So I’ll tell you straight away: After a full day to think about it, this movie didn’t do very much for me. Yes, it’s a fantasy about getting even with the Nazis. It’s Tarantino, and it’s got a great cast. Great things going for it, wouldn’t you say?

Yeah, I thought so too. In the end, it just felt like a half-hearted exercise. Sure, the evil of the Nazis is hard to match unless they’re also zombies (It’s been done), and we sure like seeing them lose.

But the whole movie just didn’t flow. I hate Nazis as much as the next guy except I just couldn’t get past the idea that these dudes (led by Brad Pitt) are just waltzing around behind enemy lines whacking Nazis and taking their scalps as war booty. I know, I know. It’s a Nazi killing fantasy. We’re supposed to suspend belief for awhile. Still, aside from a few standouts (the main Nazi guy and Brad Pitt with his over-thick southern accent), I felt that the script could have been written by a first year film student (high school).

I’ll give it 6 internetz on 10.

big 6 internetz

Anyway, I’m going to watch Watchmen now. I’ll let you know how that turns out.



10 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds Was Overrated

  1. You give it “6/10”?! We’ve got scores now? What are the points supposed to be? Ostrich Eggs? “I give this game 7 ostrich eggs out of 10!” Nah.. too wordy…
    Hm. Quacks? Like, the sound ostriches make. “3 quacks out of 10” you’d say. Or maybe “3 heads in the sand out of 10″… Ah fuck it, let’s just give “internetz” scores. “This toilet paper scored 6 internetz out of 10 with me”.

    What say you, Mike?

  2. But how the hell would you iconize an ‘internetz’? For instance, a thumbs-up is instantly recognizable.

    What would an internetz look like, so that if someone saw one, they’d automatically say, “ah, that movie got 6 internetz out of 10”, they’d say.

  3. How about a lightning bolt with an arrow shooting through it? That would be cool.

  4. OK, I will draw a lightning bolt with an arrow shooting through it. But there will also be blood involved. Do we have a deal?

  5. We do. Now I want that bloody lightning bolt on my desk by monday…or else.

  6. I would definitely rate IB higher, maybe because I am a Tarrantino follower, since his first film Reservoir Dogs. I did get to watch the movie at my house and was in a great mood and very relaxed. That being said, sometimes watching a movie at home they tend to be better then when I pay $10 to go see it in uncomfortable seats 😉

  7. I’m also a fan of Tarantino. I remember how blown away I was when i saw Reservoir in the theater not knowing anything about the movie or the director. Inglourious B. just didn’t do it for me. To reiterate from my review, there were definitely some standout performances, it just lacked in flow. Not a bad movie ‘per se’, just not up to the hype IMO.

    P.S. I saw it in our rep theatre for 2$, so not much lost 😀

  8. I think the real culprit here is actually “the hype”. Seems like what we saw in the previews was actually misleading.

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