I Totally Fueled Like a Loser

Well, my first week was a total fuckup. It started with hot dogs and ended with a bottle of Johnnie Walker. And there was a LOT of partying and beer and liquor and donuts and pizza in between. I’ll still weigh myself just because I said I’d do it. Let’s hope next week is a bit more focused 😉

(… I go weigh myself in the bathroom… I weep a little bit… I come back… )

I actually GAINED weight goddam it! For the sake of transparency, here are the numbers:

Before I started: 244 lbs

Week 1: 245 lbs

So yeah, this upcoming week I’ll really work harder on this. Well even just trying a little bit will still be better than this past disaster of a week.

On the happy side of things, I made an awesome pulled pork this weekend and I believe I created a unique and insanely great barbecue sauce to go with it. Recipe coming during the week. Promise.

‘Till then my lovelies, take care and I’ll try to do the same.

– D

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