South Park’s Season Premiere REALLY Makes Me Want An iPad Now

Human Centipede Poster
I'm German. Therefore I'm evil

All I have to say about the South Park premiere is well, I don’t know what to say! Sure, last years Human Centipede was probably the most revolting horror movie I never saw. A crazy German doctor (of course he’s German!) surgically attaches three unwilling subjects in the most horrific way possible, turning them into a human centipede! His divine creation! Horribleness ensues.

South Park’s premiere has Steve Jobs in the role of crazy German doctor guy making Kyle the middle segment of his most nefarious Apple product yet: The Human CentiPad! It’s horrible, awful, and intestinally hilarious. You should probably just go watch it now or else I’ll just talk about the whole thing and make the recap even worse than this review.

Whatever. Here, let me ruin some of it for you:

human centipad south park
The Ultimate in Bad Taste? You Decide.

6 thoughts on “South Park’s Season Premiere REALLY Makes Me Want An iPad Now

  1. I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to these things but I will not watch the movie or that episode of South Park

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