BFO Fiesta Project: New Machine Heads

Now that we’ve got our shiny new Grover tuners it’s time to replace the old ones. But first, let’s have a closer look:

grover guitar tuning head close up

And again:

grover machine head

Now we do have a slight problem. The tuner is not going to fit into the existing hole. As you can see, these tuning heads have a threaded sheath which is actually for the holding screw. That means that we’ll have to get ourselves a reamer and ream the hole until it’s wide enough for the tuner to fit. I know, that just sounded incredibly dirty. But we have no choice. We’ll have to ream it, so I’ll go buy a reamer and report back. Stay “tuned”.

P.S. Note the old tuners/machine heads. My local guitar store sells similar ones under the guise of vintage machine heads. I’m sure the new ones are good, but these old vintage style tuning heads? They slip like crazy and are absolutely awful, which is why we’re replacing them with Grovers.

fiesta head stock

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