Household Deathmatch DE – Human vs A Plum

Tonight’s Household Deathmatch Double extreme: Human vs Plum. Who will emerge victorious in this challenge to satiate hunger and/or survive?

The Matchup:

Opponent The Human The Plum
Weight 64kg 66g
Style Offensive Stealth


The Human The Plum
Eyes Kinda tough skin
Teeth Really juicy
Appetite N/A
Hands N/A


The Human The Plum
Low blood sugar Quite tasty

The Battle
The Human knows where to find The Plum: in the fridge. The Plum is a sitting duck. The Human lands a right and grabs The Plum. The Plum is defenseless as The Human guides it towards it’s incisors! It tries to take a bite but the skin it tough. The Plum resists, but gives in to The Humans second attempt. Surprise attack! The Plum drips all over the humans hands! How disgusting! The human is surprised but thinks quickly and grabs a towel and rotates the plum while coming in for another attack! Combo move! The Human repeats without mercy until The Plum is decimated, its pit discarded in the trash.

The Outcome
No contest. The Plum was eaten by The Human and never landed one punch. Not one!

Match Time
43 seconds

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