GTA V vs GTA San Andreas

Yep, the Non-Gamer is totally back and he is totally impressed by a game he’ll probably never play. Seriously, I don’t even own a gaming console or a Windows machine.

Granted, they’re comparing the still unreleased Grand Theft Auto V with 2004’s San Andreas. 2004 is a whole universe ago in Internet years but the comparison is like night and day. When I actually did play GTA it was in 2003 or something, and I thought the graphics were amazing. Looking back…not so great. BUT, the thing about games is that when they’re engaging, our brains forgo shitty graphics and compensate when our imaginations are kicked into high gear. Or something like that. That’s why games like Adventure on the Atari 2600 were so much fun. Your guy was a square and the dragon looked like a duck, but damn you really felt like you were there! In a magical castle and everything! Because of your boundless imagination!

Atari 2600 Adventure

Or maybe not.

Anyway, check it out. It looks so amazing that I’m this close to using the expression “sick”. Yep. This close –> | |

But I won’t.

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