Goodbye kitty cat

None of you wanna hear about it. It’s only a stupid cat. Still, she’s getting put to sleep on wednesday and I’m gonna miss her. That stupid fucking cat symbolizes 9 years of my life. I mean, the 9 best years of my life. It’s sad to see her go, and with her, that youth I pissed away. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m way too emotional. Fuck you all (all of you! our thousands of readers!) 🙂

Well, cat, fare thee well. Here’s song lyrics to accompany you to the other side. Because I can’t write goddam it! (I couldn’t find good cat-related lyrics so I’m gonna have to go with My Chinchilla by Cub)

satan sucks, but you’re the best

holy smokes you passed the test

when i’m with you i feel blessed

my chinchilla

satan sucks, but you’re okay

since you came things go my way

here tomorrow, here today

my chinchilla

one day i woke up and everything was beautiful

my troubles had all fallen out the window

satan sucks but you’re divine

sitting pretty by my side

my oh my, my chinchilla

My chinchilla

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