Mini Game Blitz

Can you really use the words ‘mini’ and ‘blitz’ in the same sentence? Maybe if I write this really quickly I’ll be justified.

So let’s see. I think I had an hour to kill last week so I installed no less than 5 games on my now totally outdated Nexus S. 3 of them sucked and 2 of them are fun enough to review. I’ll save the 3 shitty games for a review dedicated to games that suck. In the meantime, here’s what I kept. All 2 of them:

cross me
Cross Me: By Mobile Dynamix Cross me is a puzzle game that reveals an image as you solve it. Hard to explain but the basic thing is this: You have a grid and you have to fill the squares based on the numbers in the column. If there’s a 1 in the column, that line requires 1 square. If you see a 5, you’ll have to fill in 5 squares. But you have to leave a space in between the other clues you filled in. Get it? You don’t? Well, excuse me! I’m giving a review, not a training exercise. Oh yeah, here’s the review: It’s fun. You can download Cross Me for free at the Play Store.


bridge architect
Bridge Architect Beta: You start with a gully or a ravine and a limited amount of girders. Now construct a bridge that’ll withstand the weight of a few 18 wheelers or a train. If you fail, the vehicles go hurtling into the chasm and explode. The life ending screams are a nice touch. Fun and challenging. By ReActivE. You can get Bridge Architect here. Also free and an alternative to X Construction, which is also fun.

Ok, I have a thing. Gotta fly.


2 thoughts on “Mini Game Blitz

  1. I hate how some of the apps ask for access to your contact list and calendar. But I will check this one out. I am board with the crosswords app I downloaded.

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