Finally…Joust and Android

It’s been my lifelong quest to play classic Williams Joust on my Android phone and that quest has finally been realized. And let me tell you was it ever worth it. Life is grand.

The caveat here is that you can only play Joust on your phone via some emulator app and by adding the appropriate roms, so install something like Nesoid or your favorite emulator and play it until you can’t stand it anymore.  In fact, playing Joust on your phone is possibly even more frustrating than the full arcade version. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I love Joust more than anything, but ideally to get the proper experience, you really do need a console setup as touchscreens and Joust don’t make the best of friends.

And finally, since this blog has totally come full circle with the whole ostrich/Joust thing. I quit blogging. Forever.

joust nexus-s android

atari joust rom android

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