Fido, Leave Me Alone!

Fido. They called me today to see if I was interested in spending my well earned Fido Dollars (240$) on one of their overstocked crappy phones.

“You have enough Fido Dollars to get yourself one our Nokia handsets!”

nokia flip phone
A Crappy Nokia 2720

“But I have a phone.”
“You can use it as a spare or hold onto it for when you replace your current phone!”
“Yeah, but it’ll be outdated by then!”
“Did I mention that this phone has FM radio?”
“…” Wow.”Well no thanks.”
“Well have a nice day.”
“Oh wait, oh hey! Does Fido have any Android phones?”
“Uh…what’s that?”
Android. You know. Google’s OS?”
“Haven’t heard of it.”
“Ok, well, good luck pushing those Nokia 2720’s”

So yeah Fido, stop trying to offload your shitty phones on me! I know you have a LOT of them due to people not buying them the first time around. Note that in Canada we regularly get raped by our cellular companies. Fido Solutions is no different, but is particularly nasty. Their money-grab 25$ “hardware upgrade administration fee” is complete bullshit and makes upgrading your phone for “free” using Fido Dollars completely moot. I don’t know what other companies are doing, but the audacity of the 25 dollar hardware upgrade fee is nothing short of stealing. A class action suit should be filed because they are clearly taking advantage of their clients. I’m taking my money elsewhere. Fuck you, Fido.

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