Fennel Chicken Almond Explosion!

Remember that chicken pita recipe that we put together last year? Well this fennel chicken recipe is nothing like it, yet it kind of is, mostly in that special way that gives you a sense of longing and sadness for that certain taste that you just can’t put your finger on. Ah, memories, amirite?

As usual, we don’t bother with teaspoons or measuring cups because when you cook at BFO Kitchen Labs and Grills, you go oldskool and measure with your bare hands. Like your grandmother did. Anyway, worry about those tummy tucks later if you use too many ingredients today. That’s our motto!

To start, you’ll need the following:

Fennel Chicken Recipe Ingredients

1 chicken breast
a bunch of fennel seeds/or fresh fennel
freshly ground black pepper
a handful of whole or sliced almonds (I used both)
1 Spanish onion. Use about 1/4. (don’t use the whole thing unless you’re insane)
1 Orange bell pepper (use whatever color you like, but the orange looks awesomer)

Heat up some olive oil or grapeseed oil (grapeseed is preferable because you can cook at higher temperatures with it) in your pan or skillet or whatever you’re cooking with today and throw in about half of the quarter of the onion. Slice up the chicken into strips and toss it into the pan when the onions start sizzling. Once the chicken is sealed, throw in some fennel seeds. Use your instincts, so don’t use too much, but just enough for the fennel to do its fragrant magic. You can throw in the almonds at any time too since they’re not accomplishing anything just sitting there on your counter.

Next, slice up the orange bell pepper, throw it in as well and grind some fresh black pepper over everything. I sometimes throw in a little water just to keep the chicken extra tender. You don’t want it to dry out, so watch the heat.

And that’s pretty much it! Your chicken fennel almond dish is ready:
fennel chicken with almonds and yellow peppers

Served with fresh salad and pitas to wrap it all up in. You can use a little honey mustard on it for fun, but it was really pretty succulent and didn’t need anything else. Yep. It was that good.
fennel chicken wrap salad and pita bread

The recipe is scalable as usual. To make more servings, add another chicken breast, another fistful of almonds, etc. Don’t forget to invite your guests to share so that you can keep your liposuction cost down.

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