Farewell Amarok 2

Months ago I did a couple of posts about Amarok 2 and Songbird and had come to this non-commital conclusion: Amarok 2 sucked, Songbird was excellent, but I was willing to give Amarok 2 a chance. Well, no more chances Amarok 2. You had your day in the sun, but you forgot the sunscreen (fine, worst metaphor/analogy ever). You get the point.

Songbird has been trouble free on my Ubuntu system. Updates, no updates, no problems. No crashing, a multitude of add-ons, no clutter, etc, etc, etc.

Amarok 2…such a disappointment. Clunky, non-intuitive, a complete redesign that tries to be something it’s not. Actually, it succeeded in that department: It went from being a music player/organizer, to a lumbering animal that no one had ever seen before. Amarok 2 is that thing that stumbled out of the woods, injured, waiting to be shot.

The final decision for me came with the beta release of Amarok 2.2 aka Crystal Clear. It doesn’t feel like an improvement at all. It just feels extremely overpackaged.

Thankfully, I found the all encompassing solution to all of Amarok 2’s woes in one simple command:

sudo apt-get remove amarok –purge


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