Easy Brutal Breakfast…Swedish Style

Since Epic Meal Time has used up about 14 minutes of their alloted 15 minutes of fame, here’s Sweden’s answer in the form of Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime.
Where the last few Epic Meal Time videos have felt like they’re just trying too hard, Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime continues the tradition of extreme cooking while still feeling honest.

Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime dudes Niclas Lundberg, Niklas Odén and Tom Brännström have been cooking up dishes while beating the fuck out the ingredients since January 2011. Who needs a mixer when you’ve got fists?

Anyway, here’s how I aspire to make breakfast:


6 thoughts on “Easy Brutal Breakfast…Swedish Style

  1. That handful of mayonnaise looks awesome. My only concern? Who the fuck is going to clean up? I’d need a fire hose to wash everything down.

  2. You say that like it’s your kitchen. But don’t worry, they probably have a very efficient method for cleaning up. Those Swedes.

  3. I keep mixing up Niclas and Niklas. THE LETTERS ALL SOUND THE SAME!!1!1

  4. @Hans
    They’re awesome. They’re on hiatus but are supposed to be coming back after the summer.

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