Dragon Quest V, Area5, Solaris 10

The Forestwoods!Hello there! Boy it’s been a long time. I was in the woods all along, growing my beard and hunting wild animals with my bare hands to survive. The best thing about the woods is, you have a whole lot of free time. I chose to spend most of that free time playing Dragon Quest V on my DS and I have something akin to a review brewing. For now I’ll only say that it’s my favorite RPG to date. I’m not the biggest RPG fan to start with, but I played and enjoyed a bunch of them (most recent one being The Last Remnant, which I hope I can review soon as well). I won’t even get into the MMORPGs because I become angry every time I do. All that to say, I have something to compare Dragon Quest V to. I promise a lengthy post about it before the end of the month.

On another topic, I think it’s important to mention the AWESOME AWESOME WORK of a bunch of ex 1UPpers who now go by the name of Area5. Those are the guys behind the now defunct 1UP Show, and they now create a weekly video feature called CO-OP, among other things. If it’s possible to love someone you’ve never met or talked to, well that’s what I feel for those guys. Love. A whole fucking lot of it. Check em out, download their show, digg them, send em long creepy emails or booze, you know, all those things superstars deserve. I really think what they’re doing now, the way they’re talking about video games and the people who make them, is of vital importance for the industry. It is historic stuff. This post will probably add like, one dude to their fan base (one dude who stumbled upon our site looking for “Food Porn” or some sick shit), but still, it’s one dude I send their way with all my heart.

And to finish, I wanna announce a feature that’s coming soon to the blog. “What to do when fucking Solaris 10 doesn’t fucking do what it’s supposed to and you can’t find the documentation any fucking where”. I may shorten the title a bit. But yeah, I plan on posting a bunch of tech articles for n00b Solaris 10 admins (especially those coming from the linux world and expecting as much good and free web documentation for Solaris 10 and SURPRISE! It’s not the case at all!), based on experiences and problems I’ve had myself at work. Hopefully it’ll save some people some precious time.

That’s it for now.

Later everyone,


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