Doing The Astro

While I’m sitting here waiting for Oneiric Ocelot to be released (and how it will probably crash my computer), I went out and bought some Astro yogurt. And every time I buy it I can’t help but think of Astro by The White Stripes.

So if you were to wonder if maybe Mike O does the Astro, the answer would be yes. Yes he does.

By the way, I expected the Lime flavored yogurt to be absolutely terrible because I figured that the grocery was desperately trying to offload their supply when they put 750ml containers of yogurt on sale for a mere 2$? Well let me just say that I was wrong because Lime flavoured Astro brand yogurt was delicious and I ate the whole thing in 2 sittings. The lime taste wasn’t too overpowering at all. Astro makes creamy smooth yogurt yes they do. Just don’t buy the cappuccino one. Same creamy texture, but the flavor gets old pretty fast. But then again, your taste buds may vary!



3 thoughts on “Doing The Astro

  1. 1 – Why did you buy lime if you thought it would suck?
    2 – What tastes better Astro or Astro?

  2. Cause it was cheap! It was worth the risk to try something new, and it ended up being good.

  3. It was worth the risk because it was good. But would it have been the worth the risk if it turned out bad?

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