Deleting Crap Off My Phone

I was really looking forward to writing a helpful post about The Morning After WordPress theme and how there’s a really annoying bug related to entering images in posts, but in the end, it’s not all that interesting. Instead, I’ll just say that you need to delete this line of code from compressed.css in the includes folder and you should be good. It’s a text wrapping issue. Go ahead. Trust me and delete the line. You should be all good. Don’t forget to do a backup first just in case.

p img{float:left;margin:1.5em 1.5em 1.5em 0;padding:0;}

Anyway, I realized that my phone had a bunch of awful games on it. I think I had planned to write some hilarious reviews about them but it never happened, probably because there was nothing funny about them in the first place. Or maybe I was drunk at the time. Let’s see then…

Cookie Dozer Game Circus LLC
1. Cookie Dozer by Game Circus LLC. It’s just like Coin Dozer, but with cookies, and considering I never bothered playing Coin Dozer, I’m probably just making this up as I go along. Why do I have this on my phone? It’s a bunch of cookies and you have to do something with them but I’m not sure what. Ah, I just figured it out. When you delete the game off your phone, you win.

2. Next up it’s Hardest Game Ever 2. How about, Shittiest Game Ever? This game held my interest for a record 0 seconds. It may be good (I didn’t catch that part) but I seriously hate the artwork with my entire soul. It’s the same cliched bulbous Flash animation style that everyone has been using since Flash was invented because they lack the imagination to create original artwork. There. I said it. And I feel better about it. I will not even include their logo. Deleted.

3. Run Albino BlacksheepRun by Albino Blacksheep. Remember them? They actually had some good shit back in the day, except I can’t remember what. But seriously, it was fucking awesome whatever it was. It was just hours and hours of awesome fun. Anyway, Run actually ain’t bad, so I’ll end this post on a positive note and say, hey, this game actually ain’t bad.

P.S. If you use Facebook on your phone, don’t. Wait, what I mean to say is, don’t use the official Facebook app. Use Atrium, or even better, use Stream by Vigans. It’s more lightweight and they don’t sell you phone number to a 3rd party. Actually, there’s really nothing you can do about that because someone, somewhere is going to get your number. Just don’t answer the phone when you get calls from suspicious numbers. Even better, don’t answer the phone.


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