Dear you-know-who

We recently had an actual genuine comment on my last ostrich news entry about me having an ostrich burger. It was from a mysterious reader who calls him(or her)self “you know who”, which is total bullshit, I don’t actually know anyone who would want to visit this site.

Well, dear mysterious reader, tonight I will answer all your questions via the magic of computer assisted painting.

Question 1. Can you at least tell us where you found this culinary delight or are we supposed to figure it out from the clues left uncovered by your plate on the paper placemat?

Answer 1. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the picture indeed hides secret clues as to the location I ate the burger at:

!!!!! OMFG!
!!!!! OMFG!

*gasp* what’s that?! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! IT’S A BURGER MITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you take a closer look…

burgermite2You’ll notice that it’s not wearing any pants, and it has a tiny “Hi, my name is…” thingy on its mite waiter suit!

Let’s take an even CLOSER closer look!


So yeah, it was Brisket Restaurant, 1093 Cote Du Beaver Hall, downtown Montreal.

Question 2. How did you order it, rare, medium, well-done?

Answer 2. Medium

Question 3. Was it tender, dry, or just okay ?

Answer 3. It was way too dry.

Question 4. Did it taste gamey, meaty, or like chicken ?

Answer 4. It didn’t taste like chicken at all. More like Wapiti meat, very liver-y taste. I didn’t enjoy it very much.

Question5. Would you recommend the burger, the restaurant, or none of the above ?

Answer 5. I would only recommend the burger to the adventurous. I totally recommend the restaurant though, they serve burgers made of a wide variety of meats (kangaroo, boar, deer, rabbit, etc), most of them are delicious, I personally prefer the boar burger. They also have killer smoked meat sandwiches that compete with the best Montreal smoked meat places. Oh and let’s not forget their huge variety of awesome poutines. The service can take a long time on busy days and the prices are a bit high, but hey, it’s downtown Montreal, what do you expect?

So there, I hope I answered your questions in a satisfactory manner. Thank you for your interest in BFO.



2 thoughts on “Dear you-know-who

  1. Dear Dan,

    Thank you ever so much for that in-depth and comprehensive report on your Ostrich burger experience. I hadn’t noticed Josh in th efirst picture, my bad !
    As for the remark about anyone visiting BFO- well….. all I have to say to that is just be glad I exist, my friend,….. just be glad I exist!

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