Dan’s Bacon and Hot Peppers Toasted Rice Deluxe Casserole

toasted bacon rice casseroleBoy oh boy have I got a cool new recipe for you guys. Oh of course it’s about as healthy as triple deep fried beer battered butter with fudge chunks and peanuts. And it probably explains why I won’t fit in any of my pairs of jeans within the next few weeks. But hey, it’s worth it.

I’m pretty sure this one is totally new and original. I’m damn proud of it. Also I’m trying to fill the white space to the right of the picture, as usual. Yup…. yup yup yup…

Pretty cool weather we got this weekend huh? So did you watch the game? I sure didn’t.


ARE YOU READY FOR DBHPTRDC GOODNESS?!?!?! Aaaaaalright, here we go!



– A pound of ground beef (or veal, or pork)

– Sliced and pickled hot peppers (the kind we use in burgers)

– 5 bacon strips

– 2 onions

– A tablespoon of powdered chicken broth

– Some garlic

– 3/4 cup basmati rice

Olive oil

Black pepper



Dice the onions, cut the bacon into small chunks, mince the garlic. Pour some olive oil in a frying pan that’s been sitting on the oven for 5 minutes at medium-high temperature. Add the onions, garlic, beef and bacon, cover.


Fill a large saucepan full of water. Cover it and wait till it’s boiling, then bring the fire to medium-high and add the rice. The trick is to treat the rice as if it was pasta. So I guess it means 10-15 minutes…


Back to the meat. After 5 minutes, remove the cover and add the hot peppers, the chicken broth and the black pepper. Stir fry “those bad boys” as they say on the cooking channel. When the rice is ready, just throw the water away and add the rice to the rest. Raise the heat to maximum, stir some more. When the liquid’s almost all gone, stop stirring. That’s where the magic happens. Wait for 2-3 minutes, until a nice golden crust forms at the bottom. It should give a nice balance of crispy and smooth.


Serve with crappy commercial beer or something.


That’s it for now. I’m going back to my endless search for decent poker games to play on a portable console. ANY portable console will do at this point. If I find something, I’ll keep you guys posted.


‘Til next time,


– Dan


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