D-Link’s DIR-615 Wireless Router Sucks

Dell are such a bunch of jerks, but D-Link runs a close second. Yeah, I kind of hinted at that awhile back, but now I’m trying to return my D-Link DIR-615, which is a huge piece of crap. So even though I love my Inspiron, I hate Dell for making me call D-Link, especially since I bought the thing from them.

So I called those D-Link guys:
“I want to return the router!”
“ok sir, I will work on your replacement.”
“No. I want to return it.”
“Yes, I will replace it.”
“Replace, yes.”

Anyway, while we were talking, the line disconnected. When they tried calling me back twice, the line was silent both times. Like they were stalking me or something. They suck. I didn’t even hear any heavy breathing.

So I’ll try to live with it for another 24 hours. If it keeps on dropping connections, I’ll get them to replace it.

For now, I’m gonna eat an entire thing of Liberty Blackberry Yogurt. Have you ever tried it? It fucking rocks.

Yeah man, Blackberry Dude would be proud.

Blackberry Dude

2 thoughts on “D-Link’s DIR-615 Wireless Router Sucks

  1. OK, well I’m done …. tomorrow is new router day. ASUS This sorry assed piece of sh*t DLink DIR-857 I bought somewhat optimistly when my other Dlink piece-o-sh*t DIR-615 blew up a year ago is just as bad. Grnated it didn’t just die one day like the old 615 did but having to power cycle Dlinks crap hardware once a week is getting old. DLink is CRAP …..

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