Cthulhu Spores and Doors 2013

In dire need of content, we went browsing the Play Store for more fun and games to review. Well, we found games alright, but did we find fun? Let’s have a look:

cthulhu spores android
Cthulhu Spores: By chemasalamanca. I often wonder what H.P Lovecraft would think about the rise in popularity of Cthulhu, that tentacle faced monster from the deep. Would Lovecraft wear a Cthulhu T-Shirt? One can only speculate. Anyway, the Play Store has a bunch of Cthulhu based games, but few free ones. And we’re cheap bastards over here at BFO Studios, so we’re looking for the free games, which we found in the form of Cthulhu Spores. What’s the object? Move Cthulhu around and turn the spores into little baby Cthulhus. I think. Anyway, it’s kind of fun and the selling point of course is having something Cthulhu themed on your phone. Like, no one would ever play it if it was called “Smurf Spores” or something.

Wait a second…or would they…?

BFO Rating: Adequate way to kill time in a nice looking green themed window. Not super exciting in any way, but it’s a nice little concept.


doors 2013 androidDoors 2013: By Gipnetix Games. Remember NotPron? (No, it’s not a typo) NotPron was touted as one of the hardest puzzle/riddle games on the whole internets. Doors 2013 is reminiscent of that. On each level you have a door and you have to figure out how to open it. Solutions incorporate your phone’s gyroscope, so you may need to flip or rotate your phone to figure out the solution. The best part? There are 100 levels. The other best part? It’s a free app. The other other best part? I got stuck at level 10 and had to look at one of the many walkthroughs available on the nets. Just do a simple Google Search and you’ll find a decent one.

BFO Rating: Hours…even years of fun, if you like this sort of thing. And if you solve them all, there’s a sequel called 100 Doors of Revenge. Good luck. Also, it’s pretty much a carbon copy of 100 Floors Escape, but I have no idea which came first. In fact, there are about 100 knockoffs to choose from. It’s kind of a chicken/egg thing at this point.

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