It’s Summertime and Time For New Brake Pads!

worn out bicycle brake pads
This is what 10 year old brake pads look like.

I’m going to make this short and painless. Take a look at my old brake pads. Do your brake pads look like that? They do? Well follow me because I’m going to show you how to change the brake pads on your bicycle.

I probably put up with really shitty worn out brake pads for the last two summers. Pretty lazy if you ask me, because without brakes, your chances of dying increases greatly! Trust me on this one.

jagwire bicycle brake pads
Approx $6.99 a pair

Here’s what a fresh pair of Jagwire Brake Shoes look like. I bought two sets for about $6.99 each. I don’t know where they rank in terms of quality, but they have GOT to be better than what I was using.

jagwire brake pads rear wheel specialized
The perfect fit

Pro tip: To find out which one is the right one and which one is left one, look real close on the portion that won’t be touching the wheel, and you’ll see a little left/and right indicator on the respective pads.


And that’s it. Grab your trusty Allen Keys and unscrew the old brake pads. They’re probably really dirty, so be prepared for that and don’t be a wimp about it. When you put the new brake pads on, make sure that they follow the curvature of the wheel. This part is very hard to mess up, so pay attention!

Pro tip 2: You might want to install the brake pads “loose” to begin with, just in case you DO screw up.

In the end, it was a piece of cake. Brake pad replacement is one of the easiest tasks in doing bike repair yourself.

And that’s how you replace your old brake pads with brand new ones. Enjoy, and safe riding!



5 thoughts on “It’s Summertime and Time For New Brake Pads!

  1. Thank you for the great tips. I followed the same instructions to change the brakes on my car. It is easy! I’m going to go test them now.

  2. I just bough these but don’t which brake goes on which side. “Left” or “right” indicators are meaningless since it depends if you are looking at the front or rear of the bike.

  3. I just purchased the jagwire Comp Mountain XC. They don’t have any indicators either.
    If you could PLEASE take a pic of your bike with those brake pads and email it or post it on your blog (please let me know) that would help tremendously.

    I installed them with the longer part of the pad going towards the front of the bike. I hope that makes sense.

    Thank you!

  4. Left or right side should be determined as if you were sitting on the bike. Longer portion of pad should point rearward. Hope this helps.

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