Black, Beautiful and Busted

I remembered that I had an old Les Paul Fiesta buried somewhere in my apartment. Since Dan is now a freaking guitar repair expert, we thought that fixing the Fiesta would be a great new project.

So get ready for BFO Guitar Shop, because we’re going to attempt to turn a piece of crap guitar into gold!

Let me introduce you to her.

Looks a little questionable, eh? The body appears sturdy and could probably benefit from some alignment. It probably sat without strings for a decade, and then sat out of tune and un-played for another 5 -10 years. Here’s the main problem and you don’t need to be an expert to figure it out. From what I remember, this guitar NEVER could stay in tune. The problem: Crap machine heads. This will be one of the first things to upgrade.

les paul fiestafiesta headstock
Okay, can someone explain to me why there’s a BASS pickup in here? WTF? Hmm…maybe I did that. I just went back in time and kicked my teenage self in the nards. Idiot.
humbucker pickup bass pickup
One pot cap is missing. Good excuse to change them. Also, the input jack washer appears to be painted…with LIQUID PAPER! Goddamn it, 17 year old me! What the hell were you smoking?
volume tone pots input jack
Cheap ass pots that appear to be wired correctly. May as well change them.
les paul pot wiring
By the looks of the toggle switch, it can stand to be replaced too. Looks like we’re going to gut this thing and start from scratch.
rear toggle switch wiring

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