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metal gear solid field coatDo you like Metal Gear Solid? No? well how about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker? Yeah, I thought so. Well if you liked Hideo Kojima‘s 2010 release of the ongoing flashback flash-forward stealth classic, you’ll be mowing down the enemy to get your hands on one of these. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’d rather get the military field pants. They do kind of look comfortable. Like Capri pants, in which case they might be better suited to wear on your beach vacation in the Barbados.military field pants

All that just to say that the MGS store has your Peace Walker collection so that you can look and feel just like Naked Snake aka Big Boss.


Big Boss? That’s his name? The Metal Gear franchise has like 10 releases in the series and the guy’s name is BIG BOSS?? Are you kidding me? That’s all they could come up with???

Suddenly I’m not so sure how I feel about Metal Gear when their men’s clothing line has better names than their main character dude.

So join us next week when BFO Fashion Notes talks about what colours you should and should not be wearing in your kitchenette.



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