Best Vodka Ever

wyborowaAnd yes, THE best bottle design ever.

Wyborowa (Exquisite) is one smooooth Polish vodka, unlike that turpentine Smirnoff’s crap. To be honest, the last time I had Smirnoff’s was when I raided my parents liquor cabinet and at that age, all alcohol was harsh. Now I’m not saying I ever took a drink before I was legal, but I’m not saying I didn’t either.

Back to our twisty bottle.

The bottle itself was designed by Frank Gehry, famed architect of Manhattan’s Guggenheim, and a few others around the world. It’s kind of nice to have a Frank Gehry in your home, or freezer, or however you like to store your vodka. Every bottle is in fact different with its own little idiosyncrasy, so check them out at your local alcohol store. The bottles do not fit snugly next to one another.

We shall file this one under ‘Food’ since it’s a consumable.

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