Beck Hansen’s Song Reader

Call it brilliant or call it the ultimate hipster move. Beck’s new “album” aka Beck Hansen’s Song Reader is 20 new songs and only available as a 100 page book of art and sheet music. Yep. the only way you get to hear it is if you:

a) Play it yourself
b) Hire someone to play it for you (like in the olden days of the 1890’s before recorded music)
c) Wait until the collaborative star studded album probably named “Songs from Beck’s Song Reader” comes out, which will probably be released sometime in the future. And by “sometime in the future”, I mean “Sometime After Today”

Alternatively, you can buy it and marvel at the pretty pictures and slick design. It’s original. We’ll give it that.

For now, here’s the cover:
beck hansens song reader sheet music

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