Archie + Veronica – Betty = This Sucks

Well, well. If it isn’t me again, Dr. Dobson. I’m here to chew your ear off about something that has REALLY gotten under my skin. If you thought I was angry in my last post, well this time I’m fuming. Last time I may as well have been talking about a lovely springtime picnic with all kinds of fruit baskets and frolicking. Today I’m going to talk to you about darkness, corpses and scorched earth. That’s right. I’m here to talk about Archie proposing to Veronica.

I am truly pissed at these developments. If you haven’t heard the news, after like 60 years of being treated like crap by her, Archie Andrews has proposed to Veronica Lodge, aka, That Bitch from Riverdale. She’s so totally a bitch and always has been and like, I don’t know what Archie ever saw in her. And believe me, I’m sure poor Betty is thinking the same thing.

Bah! Veronica Lodge…and her Dad is such a jerk ALL THE TIME. He flies off the handle for the most insignificant things, probably because Mrs. Lodge “cut him off” years ago. He probably has erectile dysfunction too, cause no guy with that much money is that much of a dick all the freaking time.

So Archie essentially proposes to a big wad of cash, leaving Betty with a bankrupt heart. She was always so good to him, while Veronica (that bitch) has nothing to offer! Who could put up with her crap for so long? Mark my words, the most used phrase in the Archie/Veronica union is going to be, “not tonight, I have a headache”. Then, a frustrated Archie will go cool his heels on the Lodge golf course where an errant ball will hilariously smash the window of Mr. Lodge’s limousine or something. Yeah, I’m sure the storylines are going to be FAN-tastic. Maybe that snooty butler of theirs will get a golf ball in the crotch once in awhile just to keep things interesting. Always hated that guy!

Full disclosure here but Veronica Betty Archie milkshakeI haven’t actually read Archie Comics in a long, long time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyone with half a brain could see that, over the years Betty was the one who’d be true. So what if she doesn’t sleep on a cash-filled mattress! Has Archie become that materialistic? What happened to his modesty? Remember the old Jalopy? Does he need to marry That Thing to prove to himself that he’s moving up in the world? Come on.

Veronica is never gonna be there for him. Never! When Reggie kicked sand in Archie’s face that time on the beach, who was there for him? Eh? Who? Betty, that’s who. Where was The Big V, huh?  Well I don’t remember either, but she definitely wasn’t helping. That bitch.

One thought on “Archie + Veronica – Betty = This Sucks

  1. Veronica and Archie are both unrepentant jerkasses that need a serious beating. Betty would be so much better off without them. They’re supposed to be her best friends but I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy like how they treat poor Betty. Too bad she’ll never wise up.

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