Android Games: Mini Review

It’s that time once again to check out the Google Play store and install a few of the top free Android games. So what did we get this time:

Plague Incplague inc
From Endemic Creations and ported to Android by Remember Pandemic II? Plague Inc. is a re-dressing of the game with some new variations. Choose a pathogen to infect ‘Patient 0’ and with a little strategy, try to kill off the entire human population with the outbreak. You have to consider what kind of virus you choose, how infectious it will be, is it airborne, etc, etc. And there’s that pesky Madagascar that’s impossible to infect once the airports get shut down. As fun as a global pandemic can be. Get it here.


Bus Parking 3Dbus parking 3d
By riv3r. Exactly what it sounds like. Choose a bus and try to park it in glorious 3D. The controls are pretty good, i.e., gas, forward, reverse and a steering wheel. I suck at this game and haven’t even passed level 1. Still, it’s pretty good if parking a bus interests you, although it would be cool if you could pick up enough speed and drive the bus off the building a la Twisted Metal. So far all I’ve managed has been to flip the bus onto its side so nope, I will not be getting my bus license anytime soon! You can get Bus Parking 3D here. I also noticed a bunch of ads appeared after I installed this so you might want to turn notifications off for this game.


Hill Climb Racinghill climb racing
By Fingersoft. Single player side scrolling driving game. You start off with a basic car whose components (engine, suspension, tires) you can upgrade as you earn more money. Your goal is to drive up and down a bumpy hill and cover as much distance as you can. But! If you go too fast, you might flip over and break the driver’s neck with a sickening crunch. Nice touch, Fingersoft programmer dudes. Nice touch. However, these lethal flips also earn you points so not all is lost. You can install Hill Climb Racing from here.

Update: Because Hill Climb Racing continues to be awesome, some recent updates have added some cool new things in the form of new levels (Arctic Cave and Forest) and new vehicles (Rally Car, Tank and Snow Mobile). How great is that? Of course you need like a million dollars which you have to earn by playing the game. Hours of fun. Or minutes. Up to you.


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