Casino App Review Madness

slots farm
We decided to give some casino apps a whirl this week, so after browsing the Play Store, we first ended up with Slots Farm – Slots Farm is like any other slot, except it looks like it may have been paid a visit by Farmville. The result is a vegetable/farm themed series of  casino style games. Remember those crazy slots we played a few months ago at the local casino? Remember how we had no idea what we were doing? Well this is just like that, which I think is how you know that it’s working.  Slot machines are pure luck anyway, so you don’t need to know why you’re winning, only that you are. Dig the bonus round where you’re a crazed bug eyed farmer trying to catch falling veggies with your cart which you get to use for extra spending money down at the ole saloon. Slots Farm is by Kakapo.

bingo madness
I tried a number of bingo style games and the only that let me play without a 3G connection (hey I was in the subway) was Bingo Madness by Product Madness. Basic gameplay with various ways to earn points i.e. complete a full pattern or get a bingo, which depends on the bingo card you’re playing on. Bingo Madness isn’t bad as an alternative when you don’t have at the ready or if you’re on a quick commute. It also beats out Bingo Heaven and the really strange Mr. Bingo Ball, which we couldn’t test anyway due to it’s Facebook requirements (and the fact that we were 1 mile underground in the subway)

dh poker
Finally, we tried some classic Poker in the form of DH Texas Poker. This one is by DroidHen and is your classic Texas Hold’em style poker. You can’t play without a network connection though, which really is kind of the point in this case if you want to play against other people. Still, if you like Texas Hold ‘Em, this one’s pretty slick and clean without too many distracting animations. Plenty of game modes too like Select Casino and Sit and Go, or make a private table that only your friends can sit in on.

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