Android 4.0 Update For Xmas?

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: the tastiest of all logosBack in October I read a bunch of articles stating that Android 4.0 would be available for the Nexus S “within weeks”. Clearly, they were all lying because we’re still waiting!

But it’s cool.

Google is now testing Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS) on its employees as an over the air update, so as long as they QA the shit out of that thing and make sure it’s ready for public consumption, I can wait.

However, if you really can’t wait for Ice Cream Sandwich and you have to have it now, check out the following how to. Your Nexus S will have to be rooted of course, etc, etc.

So even though you have to hack your android phone to have Ice Cream Sandwich (at the moment), the reviews that I’ve read about ICS Android 4.0 have been pretty good. Like I said, the source is available, so people have been installing ICS on a variety of models like the Nexus S and the Motorola Razr (good to see Motorola still working it). Even the tablets have been getting the treatment with people installing Android on their Kindle Fires and Snapdragons S4 tablets.

Google, just bring on the update already, ok?

Update: Well it looks like Ice Cream Sandwich DID arrive for some Nexus S users in time for Christmas, except there have been some reports of bugs. Therefore, Google put the update on hold and paused the rollout. But, the roll out is still continuing in selected regions. We’re still waiting for it and will report back as soon as we update our Nexus S.


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