5 Great Android Games That Aren’t So Great

Having a smart phone is supposed to be all about the Apps because…or was that productivity? Anyway, why would you want to be productive? On a phone. Whatev.

So I installed a few games that are supposed to be the best ones. And popular too! However, I did stay away from Angry Birds since it just looks lame.

1. OpenSudoku – If you like sudoku, you’ll like this. If you don’t like sudoku, why would you even play it? Seriously, man. Why would you do something like that? You can download the apk here from  code.google.com.

2. Trap – Remember Qix? This is basically the same thing. You have to claim the majority of the playing field without touching the Qix entity thing. Trap, in comparison to Qix is, how they say in Singapore: Same Same, but Different. It’s not bad, just that it doesn’t have the playability of the original version which was released in 1981. I’ll admit that I haven’t figured out how to play it properly yet. Also, “it’s a trap”. haha. Here’s a comparison shot of the two.
Qix 1981android trap game

robotek hd android3.Robotek HD – This game came as a recommendation, which is interesting because it’s easily in my top 5 worst games I’ve ever played. Ok, you’re a robot on the left side of the screen and you have to defeat “The Mainframe” on the right side. All of your attack moves are based solely on the roll of the dice, or in the case of Robotek, the results of a slot machine spin. Yes, the results of the spin determine how much you get to attack that idiotic mainframe (which just looks like a rocket). Here’s a screen shot. The colors are vivid, and the music is what I envisioned Lounge Linux to sound like. This game sucks almost as bad as the formatting on this post. Jesus.

Sushi Slash v1.0.04. Sushi Slash – This was weird. Bunch of sushi pieces floating around and you’re supposed to slash them with your katana? What? But how do you win? Then I realized that you’re actually supposed to slash the sushi cutting board until there’s almost nothing left. Yep, this is the same concept as Trap aka Qix. One of the weirder re-packagings of a game I’ve seen. Sushi Slash ain’t bad and does take a little skill. The levels get more challenging too in a fun puzzle way. Look out for that flying sashimi!

5. Zombie Village – by fungame land.  I’ll let the creators describe Zombie Village for you: “Zombie Village is the most fun and challenging game if you are so into about Zombie game…” Indeed, Zombie Village couldn’t hold my attention for more than 3 zombie village for androidminutes. This side scroller goes on forever and it looks like that over there on the right. So yeah, if you see this game or have the opportunity to install it. Don’t. Run away. Run as if you were being pursued by rotting hordes of mindless corpses. You see, to actually sit down and play Zombie Village is to become one of them! Save yourself!

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