5 Car Games For Android

The non-gamer is back again with some car racing games for Android.

I picked 5 games at random, installed them and took them for a “test drive”.

Get it?!

Anyway, here we go.

Racing 2D: Racing 2D has a slick splash screen. Then you get to pick a car and your race track. Then the game crashes. Awesome. Install it yourself and let me know if it works.

Graviracers: Graviracers by Other Apps Are Craps (bonus points for the name). Ok, you’ve got a highway floating in the sky. Using your phone’s gyroscope thing, you balance your car on the asphalt. In order to start rolling, tip the highway so that gravity does it’s thing and starts to pull you down the road. This one’s very challenging because there are some crazy hills on the road, so if you pick up too much speed, you’ll fall off the road and keep falling. Then you have to start over. Very cool game that really demands precision. There’s also a crazy loungy soundtrack that morphs into a more electro thing.

Update: Graviracers is impossible. I love the concept, just that it’s impossible to complete level 1. Like something is seriously wrong with this game. Oh well, great concept.

Car Fighter: Car fighter is a vertical scroller where you basically knock cars off the road using left and right arrows while shitty music plays in the background. The only fault is that each movement requires that you hit the button. Like, you can’t hold the arrow and move across the screen until you let go. It’s fun enough and a decent time waster. Look out for the yellow car! He’s your rival.

Online Racer: The tag line is “Enter the world of speed and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins!” Well ok then. Challenge accepted! Except…you have to play through Facebook. I guess that’s why one of the “highlights” of this game is that you don’t have to install anything. (Fine, the word Online is in the title of the game. I should have known). Nice ruse anyway, but no thanks. We won’t be playing this one. Feel the rush as I uninstall whatever it was that I just installed. If this game is actually good and you want to try it, download it here. I mean fake download it.

Raging Thunder: Raging Thunder is the most realistic and playable car game so far. That I’ve played anyway. This one makes full use of the gyroscope in my Nexus S so you can drive by tilting the phone to the left and right. Great action and the text and messages remind me a lot of Atari‘s Pole Position from back in the golden age of arcade games. You know, when you pass the checkpoint and the game displays “Time Extended”? Yep, it’s the exact same text.

So yeah, Raging Thunder, Graviracers and maybe Car Fighter (just for the music. God, it’s bad) are my picks.

And, if you’re looking for some non-Android games that you just want to play on you PC, check out these car games online.


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