Classic Joust for Android?

If there’s any game that we here at BFO Industries are required to review, it’s classic Williams’ Joust. And no, not the “classic” Joust for XBox, PS3 or even the old (yet still awesome) arcade version.

Of course, we’re talking about Joust for Android, and you know what? The arcade classic had indeed been ported to Android but it doesn’t exist anymore since we first wrote this post and there’s still no sign of it in the Play Store. Yes, we even ran a recent search for Joust and came up with goose eggs, or in this case, ostrich eggs (that means nil, nothing, zip!) The thing is, Joust used to be in the Android Marketplace but was then removed at some point for some reason. You can even go here for proof if you want to and on that page, you’ll see that classic Joust had been downloaded over 500 times for Android before it vanished! Why? Why was it removed? Was it legit? Did the app have a shady background? Did the app cause the user to bleed from their eyes?

We here at BFO Industrial Industries demand an explanation.

As further proof, look and behold. There are even screen shots:

Williams Joust for android splashscreenjoust for android- level 1



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